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Peter T. Land Owner in Pickrell, NE


Great service, great shipping absolutely satisfied.

Great service, great shipping absolutely satisfied. The shipping was faster than expected and the payment service is excellent. Nothing bad to say about this service. +++++

Valentin M. Farmer in Winston Salem, NC


Great relationships

Just received my Backhoe and it was exactly as described by the seller, excellent service and a pleasure doing business with. Fast response, fast shipping. TOTALLY RECOMMEND THEM

Felix B. Contractor in Cleveland, OH


Great Tractor Buying Experience!

They did exactly what they said they would. A fair price for a transaction it was simple and they handled it very promptly. I will be purchasing through them from now on Thanks you Titandigger Еxcavators llc for a very pleasant transaction!!!!

William G. Land Owner in Winston Salem, NC


Excellent experience, will use again.

They were professional and courteous! My every need was met and they kept their word on every occasion. I would highly recommend you specifically use Titandigger Еxcavators llc if you ever have the opportunity and allow them to wow you too!

Nikolas T.


Great, speedy service!

Great, speedy service! I was very pleased with the timely replies and quick service.
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