Titandigger Еxcavators llc Testimonials

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Gary, Rancher in Oklahoma


Highly professional and well trained staff

I purchased a large piece of equipment from Titandigger Еxcavators llc based off an ad they ran in Tractor House. There is no-one better than these people at doing what they agree to. I’ll be back!

Gary B., Rancher in Texas


Purchased: Bobcat S250

When it comes to used construction equipment, Titandigger Еxcavators llc is the only place I will buy from. I’ve been back several times to purchase skid steer attachments too. Great products!

Mike, Land Owner in Oklahoma


Purchased: Blue Diamond Attachments

I purchased (2) attachments on a Friday, and they delivered to Oklahoma on the next Tuesday. Great delivery time for a great product!

Terry, Ranch Owner in Texas


Purchased: Bobcat S250

Accurate information and excellent demonstration! I loved being able to try out the skid-steer and brush cutter before I bought them.

Frank, Land Owner in Ontario


Purchased: Caterpillar Gen-Set

We made a large capital purchase with Titandigger Еxcavators llc without seeing the equipment they had advertised. The service I received was excellent, and they definitely delivered on everything they promised.
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