2020 New Holland 100 Series Box Spreaders 195

Double Apron, Hyd Drive, Both Beaters, Endgate

2020 New Holland 100 Series Box Spreaders 195


New Holland box spreaders — known as strong boxes — are engineered to produce an even spread pattern and are built to last. These top sellers have the toughest floors and sides of any spreaders available, featuring steel that is more corrosion-resistant and stronger than ordinary steels for unmatched durability.

Features may include:


Building the best box spreaders in the industry means providing the rugged construction needed for reliable performance. It starts with extra steel frame members in the spreader's undercarriage for increased box strength, plus, standard heavy-duty axles with high-strength steel plates and spindles for reduced frame stress.


The A-frame hitch made of high-strength, lightweight steel extends far back under the bed. This directs pulling forces to the axles and carries the load instead of pulling it. The brawny, formed steel frame member protects the front of the floor. For easy servicing, the box spreader's axles are a separate component from the box.


With sides and endgates made of special steels, New Holland box spreaders are four times more corrosion-resistant and twice as strong as ordinary steels.


A unique floating floor, made of 3/4-inch x 6-inch high-density polyethylene tongue-and-groove planks, expands and contracts without putting stress on the frame or sides for less box spreader wear. The rugged floor is acid- and mold-resistant, plus it won't rot, warp, chip, crack, peel or splinter, making it extremely low maintenance.


Choose either heavy-duty T-rod or pintle-type apron chains to match your spreading conditions. With convenient rotary quadrant control, the operator can set the apron speed from the tractor, including neutral, slow-unloading, fast-unloading or clean-out positions.


Additional New Holland box spreaders features include:

  • A rugged, heavy-duty jack mounted inside the hitch channel for added protection swings out of the way for transport.
  • Up to 12 high-strength steel beaters that minimize breakage.
  • Bolt-on paddles that provide knife-like cutting and shredding actions for a wide, fine spread pattern.
  • A reliable straight-line, V-belt drive runs quietly and smoothly, eliminating the need for a slip clutch.

Standard with every New Holland box spreader is a special Bonded Protection guarantee on the floors and sides for twelve years. This no-hassle guarantee offers free replacement of the floor or sides if they fail within twelve years of the original dealer purchase. No one else offers this type of protection.

  • 2020
  • New Holland
  • 100 Series Box Spreaders
  • 195
  • General
  • Tractor raquirements: Power Minimum: 100 HP (75 kW)
  • 540/1,000 rpm
  • Mechanical: 2
  • Fast: 8.5 fpm (2.6 mpm) | Slow: 4.6 fpm (1.4 mpm) | Hydraulic: 1-13 fpm (0.3-3.9 mpm)
  • Infinite
  • Drive orbit motor: 5.9 displ. in³/rev (96.7 cm³)
  • Drive orbit motor flow limit: 15 gpm (57 lpm) | Drive flow divider relief pressure: 2000 psi (138 bar)
  • Wheel tread: 98.8 in (2.51 m)
  • Inside of bed: 72 in (1.83 m)
  • 111 in (2.81 m)
  • Inside bed, top of flare: 32 in (0.81 m)
  • Inside bed: 192 in (4.48 m)
  • 308 in (7.82 m)
  • To top of upper beater: 69.8 in (1.77 m)
  • Single beater: 391 cu. ft (11.07 m³) | Double beater: 444 cu. ft (12.57 m³)
  • 272 cu. ft (7.70 m³)
  • Maximum net: 20,000 lbs (9072 kg)
  • Hubs only: 3,920 pounds (1778 kg)
  • Bushels – Old Rating: 357 | Number of Beater Paddles: 12 | Pintle: Standard
  • Pintle, single: D667-X Heavy Duty | Pintle, double: D667-X Heavy Duty
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  • 2020
  • New Holland
  • 100 Series Box Spreaders 195
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  • Inside of bed: 72 in (1.83 m)
  • To top of upper beater: 69.8 in (1.77 m)