• The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program is based on the 63-Point System Check inspection we perform on each Item before being listed for sale. As we are a company that cares about customers' interests, we have developed a very simple but effective way, to give Buyer the peace of mind needed for online purchases

  • Delivery Inspection: At delivery, Buyers are walked through a PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection), performed by our Technical Inspector in order to show Item condition at the time of delivery. Buyers can ask any specific questions related to operation and use, perform test drives, or even have their own mechanic at the site. The PDI report must be kept until the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program ends and it will be required in case the Item needs to be returned. The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee starts once the Delivery Inspection is complete, signed by the Buyer and confirmed by the Cnt Construction Technical Inspector.



  • The 63-Point-System-Check: As part of the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program, the 63-Point-System-Check offers a detailed verification of the Item condition before being listed for sale. Our Technical Inspection Team will perform a very comprehensive inspection of the Item physical condition, quality, history, etc.. This is one of the most throughout process in the industry. Items that do not pass our 63-Point-System-Check will not be listed for sale and automatically rejected.

  • Many Buyers don’t know what to inspect when purchasing an Item and end up with costly repairs after the purchase.
    Our certified inspectors are trained to exceed the highest industry standards, promote professionalism, and thoroughly communicate their findings with clients. This process is the most throughout in the industry from our days.

  • All Items are being verified by the Technical Inspection Team for clear title, physical condition, electrical and mechanical malfunctions, accident history, etc..



Note: Items that don't pass our inspection, will not be listed for sale. These are usually damaged Items beyond repair, Items that do not pass regular inspection or don't meet state regulations.


Titandigger Еxcavators llc Purchase Protection program guarantees the title transfer. Titandigger Еxcavators llc Title Transfer service assists Buyers with the title registration process, from the beginning to the end, and covers all the purchases closed through the company. Lien holders, such as finance and leasing companies, are involved in the sales process. In consequence, all the titles are verified, and we guarantee that are clear. According to Titandigger Еxcavators llc Privacy Policy, titles are being delivered same time with the Item.

We only accept Items with titles that are:

  • Clear - Item has no accident history or has been in an accident minor enough that the cost of repair was less than the cost to write it off.
  • Rebuilt - An Item that has been previously branded as salvage but has been rebuilt/repaired and reinspected. These Items are drive-able but the rebuilt brand remains on the Item's title/registration documents permanently.

We don't accept Items with titles that are:

  • Salvage - An Item that can be repaired but which would cost more than some predefined amount (often 75-100% of the Item's value) to repair. Subject to structural safety inspection before it can be driven; documentation of repairs and sources of repair parts may also be required, depending on jurisdiction.
  • Irreparable - An Item that can be used for parts or scrap only.
  • Theft Recovery - While stolen is a status and typically not a brand (as licensing agencies can refuse to issue any title document once an Item is stolen), previously-stolen Items are often found dismantled, vandalized or destroyed through arson. Many are then branded and may be irreparable.
  • Abandoned - The Item was found abandoned by its previous owner. Typically, not a brand, but may need to be disclosed in some jurisdictions.



  • Inspect Your Item. Look for damages that weren't there when you initially purchased the Item. Titandigger Еxcavators llc will only accept the Item and give You a full refund, if the Item is in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery. In other words, if the Item suffered damages during the 7 (seven) Days period, no return or refund will be accepted.
  • Have the documentation prepared. Ensure that you have proper identification and the documents that You have received at the time of delivery (Delivery Inspection report, manuals, service history book, etc.).
  • Ensure that You still have the option to return the Item. Returns are accepted within the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee period. In case we do not hear back from Buyer within 7 (seven) Days from the Item delivery date, we feel it would be fair to assume that Buyer is satisfied with the Item condition and payment will be released to the Seller. In case Buyer is not satisfied with the Item condition, must fill out a complaint and request a full refund on the transaction.


  • You can be sure you are paying the right price. Certified pre-owned equipment sold through Titandigger Еxcavators llc are never just average. They are better conditioned and backed by guarantees that are second to none in the industry. Yet our prices are almost always at or below average retail. The price couldn't be more right!
  • If for some reason there is something wrong with the Item. We don't think there is. In preparing each of our pre-owned Items for being listed online, we take them through a rigorous safety inspection and if something is not quite right, we report it or fix it at our cost. If a mistake is made or something is missed, we will take care of it, because every Item is covered by the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program. Ask yourself, how can You lose with such guarantees?
  • You must like the Item. We hope we did our best to correctly evaluate Your requirements and sell You an Item which meets them. But, we can both make mistakes. If You don't like the Item, return it within 7 (seven) Days from the time of delivery and You will be fully refunded. You couldn't be safer!